For more than 10 years now, Montreal’s dynamic and versatile musical duo - The Choirboys - have been entertaining at pubs, clubs, restaurants, bistros, casinos, private parties and even the occasional Garden Club banquet. And everywhere they go people say the same thing:

“Can you guys turn down a bit?!”

But that hasn’t stopped Denis Ducharme (keyboards, vocals, shaker and abusing hecklers) and Gary White (acoustic guitar, vocals, harmonica and consoling abused hecklers) from honing their sound into a smooth blend of tight vocal harmonies and intricate instrumental interplay.

From Elton John to John Mayer, from Joe Jackson to Jackson Brown their repertoire includes something for everyone. No song or style is sacred and no reasonable request will be denied.

If planning your event calls for thinking outside the musical box, it’s time to call on the Choirboys.

Like the Everly Brothers...with Tourette syndrome

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Denis Ducharme